Public and media relations, press conferences, events and other occasions

We know what makes editorial departments and journalist tick; we know what a message should be and what difference a good story makes. Together, we’ll develop messages and statements tailored to your needs, linking you up with the appropriate media.

We will draft strategies, prepare texts and press releases, make contact with selected media representatives, specialist press as well as regional and nationwide press, radio broadcasters, TV and online representatives. We organise background discussions, visits to editorial offices or press conferences.

If you organise an event, we will happily take care of the communication.

Assumption of all professional activities of an external public relations office/communication department

You focus on your core business, and the links of your value chain which make your company unique, and delegate the professional activities of a communication department to us.

We fulfil all the duties of an external public relations office, including the press spokesman function, so your public relations and communications activities can be performed faster, more effectively and more cost-efficiently.

This includes the preparation of basic press equipment, as well as an annual theme schedule which considers business strategy and important events, topic development, coordination and targeted distribution, drafting every necessary press release and maintenance and updating of media distributors (specialist press, regional and nationwide press).

Networking and establishing contacts within the fields of politics, economy, media and society

Generating publicity and attention with one’s cause is the only way to make anything happen. We know the “rules of the game” dominating Berlin’s political and media scenes and can put you in touch with the movers and shakers in your particular field. We represent the “bridge” to Berlin, particularly for foreign companies.

Public relations for companies and personalities, strategy and concept

In order to generate awareness for you, your product or your business, you will need the right strategy and a matching concept. Based on your objectives, we will develop an appropriate and successful media and communications strategy, and phrase the corresponding messages for you. This includes a briefing, conceptual drafts, an action plan and concept preparation.

Editing and textual work

Writing and copywriting are our passion. We write for newspapers and magazines, blogs and take on exciting textual work. We issue newsletters and design as well as write for your customer magazines (layout, text and print).

Communication in times of crisis

A crisis represents an enormous challenge for any company or institution. During a critical situation, dealing intelligently with information is our highest priority. We will provide the expertise regarding appropriate communications with the public in critical situations, and in dealing with authorities and other public institutions. Our expertise is not only based on theoretical knowledge, but also included media support during these three crises: Fukushima, the EHEC crisis and the Dioxin crisis.

Interview training and elocution in media contact

Placing the three most important core messages in one minute? Remaining cool if unpleasant questions occur?

Within any important German talk show, we know the processes and are able to prepare you specifically for your appearance. We will prepare you and your statement for press conferences, stressful interviews and crucial speeches. We will show you how to react competently and confidently in the face of unpleasant interview questions and how to leave a positive overall impression.